SocialChina Communications

About SocialChina

Welcome to SocialChina, an exciting new service business focused on helping companies and organizations engage with their customers and prospects in China through social media.

Chinese Social Media is very different from that of  the west, with unique platforms like Weibo, RenRen, Youku and WeChat dominating in the most mobile and connected of all global youth markets. The rules are also different, from the logistics of setting up and managing verified accounts to the shifting nuances of a rapidly changing online youth culture, to the details of language and meaning that are so often lost in translation… starting your conversation with China can be a daunting experience.

SocialChina can help. Rongjing Ma, the owner of SocialChina is a recent business graduate of Western University in London, and an experienced social media marketer on behalf of Canadian organizations. Fluent in Mandarin and Chinese online culture, Rongjing specializes in building social media campaigns that cost-effectively communicate your company or institution’s true value to your customers and prospects in China.